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We were once born with a beautiful pure core. Life has brushed opaque layers of dirt over it. Where one person sees a thick layer, the other only sees some small splashes. We do not like to show this layer to others we want to look radiantly clean and well-groomed. Yet we are unable to remove this layer, to polish it away, perhaps because we believe somewhere that this is who we are. That is our new “true me”. To survive in this world, we try to cover up the dirt layer. We make a new layer, a shiny radiant layer, but also a hard callused almost impenetrable self-protecting layer. This shiny layer is how we want to be seen, and our behavior is working really hard to maintain it. We will do everything in our power to prevent anyone from seeing the dirt layer. Everything.

The joint venture of this new glossy layer and our behavior is a hard nut to crack. The fear of showing the “true me” is huge. We don’t like that “me”, we don’t want to be it, it makes us small.

But where has that pure radiant authentic core gone? is it extinguished? have we forgotten it? can we no longer reach that? That radiant, powerful, pure and love-inundated core that came into the world to learn from the dark side so that it could shine with even more conviction. It seems as if the belief is stuck on the dark side. As if we have forgotten what we came here to do. And that is getting to know ourselves through connecting with the other from this pure core. Instead, we get stuck in conditioning thoughts of not being good enough, not worthwhile, not valuable enough, not smart enough. Enough for what? and for whom?

Shift F10 is a tour guide on the journey back to that pure self, through all conditioning, through all “not enough”, to that what is, and always has been. Time to return, throw away or leave some emotional baggae and conditioning thougths. Time to choose when to let the sun shine on you, and how often and with whom.

It is always your time to shine. And there is room and light enough for everyone.

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