Evelyn Hoff


Shift F10, retrieve release. I am only too familiar with carrying someone else’s baggage with me.
Born with “helpers syndrome” I felt like I needed to help everyone. Every bum, every street cat, every lost or sad kid. I was not (and still am sometimes) able to give back the emotional packages that I temporarily helped carry. I thought I could handle these problems better, was stronger so I could carry that weight, tougher to take in the blows, I would care of it of everything. A form of megalomania, which almost made me lose my own energy “head”, and my connection with me, was hard to find. And the one with my family too.

I lived in Bali for a year with my husband and two girls, aged 8 and 9. Through conversations with my husband, my sister (who lives there) and many other people, I have learned even more how to look at things from a different perspective.
Looking at myself from a different perspective and the way I lived life, looking at a new way of ‘helping’, while keeping myself afloat.

Since then I have become much more in touch with myself, and consequently with that with my family and others. I am more able to identify what belongs to me and what doesn’t, and return the load. I learn more every day. What I want to impart in the workshops contributes to my own learning process.

My background in education and educational science has taught me to create order in large amounts of information. My sensitivity and strong intuition help me to make contact with the other and his or her energy field.

The year-long course Systemic Working taught me to be a good tour guide, on the journey to insights from others. I use my intuition and sensitivity to let someone go one step deeper into his or herself.

In addition to systemic work and coaching for individuals, I am a leadership and organization coach where I also work from a systemic perspective.

I am down to earth, humorous and direct. Singing and arranging music is my form of meditation. I can make fun of myself most of the time, but sometimes I can’t.

That is all part of me, I am happy with that, it is balanced.


I often work with Christel Frieling in the family constellations and the workshops. We completed Hylke Bonnema’s annual Systemic Working course together and have been working together ever since. Christel is a warm cheerful personality who can easily make you feel safe and at ease. She is also very funny. Based on her experience as a manager at various organizations, one of her strenghts is identifying direction in personal development, leadership and organizational development.

Our collaboration provides a unique combination of assit and header. As a team we sense each other without words, and trust the route that the other sets out.

Where the one strength lies in understanding the actual question and having the intuitive insight into what has been and still is a keyplayer in ones life, the other is strong in making connections, creating trust and providing insight into where. you go, what you can take with you and what you can leave behind.